Tuesday, February 2, 2016

One mid season league tip guaranteed to get you more sign ups

We all know how difficult it is, these days, to get new people to join a league, regardless of the length of the season, although shorter is better. You know the reasons. We have spoken of this before.

However, like other decisions we make, we don't mind making a decision, we just don't want to make a bad one. 

A bad one is one that costs time, money, status or the "loss" of something that is of value.

To get more sign ups, simply promise a "guarantee." Yup, a guarantee. 

"We guarantee that you will have so much fun that, after the first week, if you're not happy we will give you your money back. Guaranteed"

if you're concerned about losing money, think about increasing your 8-week league to 9 weeks or your 12 week league to 13 weeks.

You might even pick up some additional revenue. 

After all, not everyone will stop after the first week.  In fact, experience tells us that less than 4% will ask for their money back.

In that way, you can look someone in the eye and say, "Susie, why not join the "women bowling with wine program. Try it the first week. If you're not happy, I will refund all of your bowling leagues.  What do you have to lose?"

"Nothing", says Susie. "Nothing at all."