Thursday, February 12, 2015

Management Tips from the Beatles

Andrew Sobel, a management consultant and author of Strategy and Business says the Beatles are a textbook example of how to forge cooperation and creativity inside an organization.

Sobel says there are at least four lessons to be learned from the Beatles success

1.    Their early years performing in small clubs forged a true sense of spirit de corps that is rare today when virtual teams are common.  Invest in and build time, especially face time, among key members.

2.    The Beatles music evolved over time, so must your center’s products and programs. Keep testing, introducing and refining your products. If it is going to generate new ideas, it can’t be a one hit wonder.

3.    While John and Paul wrote most of the songs, from time to time, Ringo and George were given a chance to shine. “It’s great to feel part of a team”, says Sobel, “but in the end every one needs a sense of personal importance as well.”   The lesson to be learned: give team members a project of their own that will make them look good in their own right?”

4.    And finally, the make up of the group is important. Each member must be able to contribute different skills and be of different temperaments to encourage creativity and problem solving

Of course, nothing lasts forever, (except for “Strawberry Fields”) and the Beatles broke up in April 1970