Sunday, January 4, 2015

New Boundaries

its a new year and a chance to start out with a clean sheet of paper.

But even if you start fresh, will you come to the creative process with preconceived ideas and boundaries that won't let you break through, but rather recycle the old.

Don't get me wrong, sometimes recycling the old and re branding the existing is a better strategy, especially if it is working, than doing something new.

But still, this is the beginning of the year when everything is new and a clean sheet of paper awaits, what are you waiting for?

An invitation?

You have one. It's called January 2015.

What will  you do?  Will you still color inside the imaginary lines that you created?

Maybe you need someone to make sure that you DO color outside the lines; that you do stretch yourself to find uncomfortable solutions that are not necessarily something in your repertoire?

We all need boundaries, but can you change the edges to look like something else.

That's what creative problem solving people do.

They make up their own boundaries, form their own edges and ignore the boundaries that are already there.

Where will your edges be this year?