Monday, August 4, 2014

Cartoon Happiness

In NYC, in the Times Square tourist area, a recent phenomenon of “cartoon characters” grabbing tourists to have their pictures taken with them and then asking  for tips has been taking place with great frequency. 

There are literally 50 or so “characters” that wander the area everyday, 24 hours a day,  looking for tourists.

Some “characters" such as Sponge Bar Square Pants, Elmo, Superman and even Batman actually have gotten into fisticuffs over protecting “their” staked out territories and street corners which they claim as their own.

These “cartoon characters”, frequently recent immigrants, can make between $50 and $200 per day on tips from posing with tourists.

When reporters from the New York Times asked them why they decided to get into this business instead of other vocations they could pursue, most of them, in one form or the other said:

“American people like to be entertained…to feel like children playing with  friends. Since they were little, they had friends who were cartoon characters. Makes them feel good.  We make money making them feel good. It’s easy.”

So tell me again, why more bowling centers don’t have cartoon characters or mascots to entertain customers?