Monday, June 29, 2015

Did You Know?

1- Did you know that with all the hoopla about the new digital world we live in, people are still spending more time watching Television than they
spend on the internet and most of the time they spend on the internet is...watching television?!?!?

2- Did you know that it is more important to ask an employee "what did you learn" than to find out if he was successful.  Focusing on winning, accountability and all that good stuff is certainly important, but it is even more important that you find out what the employee learned while doing her assignment so you can document and share that with other employees.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

The Six Essential Questions Every Marketer Needs To Ask

It’s been more than three months since I last posted any content on “Fredquarters' Marketing” blog.  

After having dealt with some physical issues, my only regret now is that I won’t be able to attend Bowl Expo next week in Las Vegas. This will be only the second one I will have missed in a very long time. I will miss my friends, colleagues and business partners. And you, if you are going.

In any case, I wanted to send you off to BOWL EXPO with some thoughts about Marketing; after all that’s what this blog is about!!

No doubt your business is facing marketing challenges on all fronts; new competition; new kinds of customers with different tastes; different family structures; different payment options; customer service changes and higher expectations; the newer ways of communicating and learning something new every day; what’s a hardworking proprietor to do?

Here Are Six Questions You Have To Answer When Facing Your Marketing Challenge?

1.       WHO are you trying to reach?  If you say everybody, you better start over and laser focus in on who is going to buy the specific product you want to offer?

2.      HOW will this specific group become aware of your product?  Nope a flier on the counter or even a few emails and Facebook posts won’t cut it either. You need a battle tested rock solid campaign, ( and we have lots of campaign options we can share with you; just give us a buzz)

3.      WHAT story are you telling, spreading or living or are you still selling 99 cent bowling?

4.     DOES your story resonate with the world view people have about your center, your bowling products, your food and beverage products or arcade products? What do they want? What do they believe?

5.      WHAT is preventing them from taking action?  Fear? Not knowing about it? Product doesn’t turn them on enough to take action?

6.     WHEN do you expect them to take action?  If the answer is now, then why are they saying “later” or “never?”  Why?  What are they telling their friends?

Have a great BOWL EXPO and please look for two of our newer consultants; Dave Patz and Steve Sempeck.

They will be in the exhibit areas, so please stop by either the KIDS BOWL FREE 

BOOTH and ask my partner, Bruce Davis where you can find one of these two Kaploe Consultants 

Or stop by the MOBILYTIX BOOTH and speak with Kris Brus, (our newest relationship partner bringing mobile apps to life just for you), about Dave or Steve’s location. 

Or contact Dave via cell @ 216 409 4416 or Steve via cell @ 402 253 4371