Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Helplessly Hoping

Marie and I are in sunny Florida for a few days visiting my “almost” 101 yr old mother in law. A spry woman she was, drove a car until she was 96 and lived unassisted until 99 years old.

The last several years, however;  have plunged her into a ditch of dementia where her vast knowledge base remains hidden to all of us.

We muse about how sad it is, what a terrible disease this is and we feel totally helpless to assist her, other than to provide her with 24 hour care, daily phone calls and visits from my wife on a monthly basis.

This got me to thinking about bowling and how sometimes I can see the look of helplessness on the faces of some proprietors as they scramble around looking for THE solution to declining lineage.

The only solution, I think, is to learn how to be the best 21st century marketer you can be. I am not talking about advertising or promotions or direct mail or even Face book or any of the tools we have at our disposal. At least not yet.

But I am talking about learning:  Who buys your various products; why they buy it; how to motivate them to make additional visits and how to generate new customers as well.

The 21st century marketer must also have a deep understanding of how to create relevant “content” (or at least know where to get it) for the digital age; developing plans for executing your tactics and how to hold people accountable in a non threatening manner.  

If you are willing to learn, I am prepared to assist you on your journey and provide the "foundation" to build more lineage, revenue and profits.

So here’s what I am offering.  

Almost 1500 of you get my “Fredquarters Marketing Blog”. If you’re willing to complete the marketing audit I will send you, I will reply and provide you with a detailed marketing strategy statement, and recommended tactics to achieve your goals; whether it is for this summer or for the fall; your choice.

But here’s the catch.

These strategy statements and tactics are all customized for your particular center and usually take me about 5 to 6 hours to complete. I’ll probably spend another hour or so speaking with you via phone as well.

I value my time at about $150 per hour (hell, you pay your lawyer and accountant more than that and they TAKE money from you).  I, at least, will provide you with a road map that you can use immediately!

I am willing to do it for FREE for SEVEN (7) centers.

I wish I could do more, but I guess donating about $8,000 in professional, battle tested marketing services is just another contribution I am willing to make to the industry I love and has loved me back.

If you want in on it, you’ll have to be one of the first seven.

But please hurry.
I don’t want to feel helpless two times today!!